To increase credit – things to do


Increase or reschedule credit, this question arises when credit requirements that were once properly calculated are no longer sufficient. There is no doubt that many borrowers need a credit increase, but credit institutions do not always play along.

What you should pay attention to when increasing your credit, which problems are lurking and problem solutions we summarize for you. We use the example of credit without private credit company and Good credit company to show that it is not impossible to increase credit.

The lender refuses to increase credit – what now?

The lender refuses to increase credit - what now?

Not all credit institutions offer the credit increase as an option for additional credit needs. In addition, an additional installment loan is usually denied in one breath. In this situation, properly paying borrowers are disappointed. But, the reason for the rejection is not to be found in the person of the borrower, but in the internal regulations.

An increase does not have to allow a loan provider, and most of them refuse an additional loan. Debt rescheduling into a new loan would be a possible solution. If the borrower has a normal or good credit rating, changing providers is not a particular challenge. Free loan comparisons offer the solution.

If it is not possible to replenish credit from the previous provider, simply apply for a debt rescheduling loan from another bank. Loan offers for debt restructuring can be found faster in the loan comparison if debt restructuring has been selected as the purpose. The loan application can be started directly from the loan comparison. Urgent debt restructuring could be done in 48 hours.

What needs to be considered?

What needs to be considered?

Fear of high interest rates would be out of place. Most credit institutions provide debt rescheduling at the same interest rate as free-of-charge loans. However, it is advisable to check the credit terms of the old contract before rescheduling the loan. It would be conceivable that this would otherwise be paid for loss of interest or that the RSV would not be calculated back.

Rescheduling residual debt-insured loans practically never pays off due to the high loss of premiums. In this case, it would probably make more sense to apply for an additional installment loan instead of rescheduling. If the loan was intended to replenish an expensive overdraft facility, the fast loan payment plays an important role.

Faster online credit can be expected if the application is made via Videoident. The new procedure enables the legally required identity check to be carried out within 30 minutes. The identity is checked via video telephony via Skype.

Credit increase at Good credit company – how does it work?

Credit increase at Good credit company - how does it work?

Good credit company is considered a secure form of credit brokerage from private to private. The portal also stands for the successful balancing act between private credit and bank lending. In principle, the credit portal allows you to top up your existing loan in both cases. A preliminary inquiry quickly clarifies whether the personal creditworthiness is sufficient.

It can be quick if a bank approves the original loan. Borrowers have to plan a little more time if a loan from a private person is to be increased. Good credit company points out that it often works faster and at lower interest rates if a parallel loan is applied for. Bidders would see that the current loan is paid on time.

With a good enough income, the existing loan strengthens confidence in the additional lending. The sum would also be conceivable in such a way that the old loan is replaced. It is important to summarize the planning in understandable words and to present it to the donors in a serious manner. In summary: topping up existing credit is part of everyday life on Good credit company.

Top up private credit company-free international credit – how it works

Top up private credit company-free international credit - how it works

The example of “Loans without private credit company” shows that an increase in credit is possible with almost every private credit company credit rating. The loan without private credit company is used by people whose current private credit company credit rating does not allow lending from Germany. In most cases, USD 3,500 net loan amount was originally granted. It is repayable in 40 equal monthly installments.

The foreign bank does not allow a parallel loan, but the credit increase through internal debt restructuring. The loan is applied for together with the same documents as for the initial application. The earliest point in time for a credit increase to the original amount is the day on which the remaining debt is only 1,500 USD. Support can answer when the day is reached on request.

In contrast to the initial application, the current employment relationship does not have to exist for 12 months. Four months (USD 3,500) or seven months (USD 5,000) are sufficient. In any case, the trial period must have been successfully completed. Top up credit without private credit company is a privilege for borrowers who have had no problems with repayment.

Conclusion – increase credit

Conclusion - increase credit

Adding existing loans is possible with many, but not all, credit providers. The increase itself can be offered under the same conditions as the old loan or with new conditions.

If new loan terms are specified, it is literally no longer an increase, but an in-house debt rescheduling. – In this case, an old loan would be repaid by the new loan and the remaining amount paid out. For example, topping up credit works without private credit company.

If it is not easy for the old lender to top up the loan, debt rescheduling via third-party providers or parallel loans offer alternatives. Which variant is advisable depends on the credit terms of the old contract and, of course, on personal performance.