3 Jaguars players who should follow Tom Brady on the broadcast stand

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence #16 and WR Marvin Jones Jr. #11 (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Tom Brady played in the NFL for over 20 seasons. At some point he will walk away from the game and he already knows what he will do next. The seven-time Super Bowl champion wil join the Fox broadcast booth and will serve as their brand ambassador.

It’s a nice post-football plan for a player who’s racked up just about every record and accomplishment on the NFL books. Brady had the best-selling jersey on the NFLPA’s most recent roster, which means it’s still going strong after all these years. It’s a great recovery for Fox, which lost its top announcer, Troy Aikman, to ESPN earlier this year.

Brady is far from the only NFL player to move to the broadcast booth once he hung up his cleats. Aikman himself also made the transition to TV analyst once his football career ended. Hall of Fame left tackle Tony Boselli has also worked in television and radio and it would be great to see these three Jaguars players go down the same path in the future.

1. Jaguars who should join the broadcast boot – Marvin Jones, WR.

Wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. is one of the most respected veterans in the Jaguars locker room. He is the kind of player who leads by example and when he speaks, his teammates listen.

Since being drafted in 2012, Jones has played for three clubs, the Jags, Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions. He could bring an inside perspective on how different NFL teams are run. Moreover, he has played with several quarterbacks and knows what makes them successful.

But it’s not just football when it comes to football. He’s an investor who opened a bakery in 2018. In fact, Jones has shown how good he is at business. when he refuted and roasted the talking head Darrell Rovell. He could bring a unique vision that would make the games he announces must-see on television.

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