Allen Robinson Talk has old QB accent


If this whole Allen Robinson contract scenario is driving Bears fans crazy, they probably should get used to it.

At least that’s what a former Bears quarterback thinks.

Former Bears quarterback Jim Miller, Sirius XM radio analyst, told Bears broadcast crew Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer on All Access this week that he doesn’t expect any contracts until July 15. for Robinson.

“I think it’s going to continue,” Miller said. “I think Allen Robinson will play under the franchise label.

“He’s the Bears No. 1 catcher and I think he’s going to be a real pro, as he always has been. I don’t think he’s happy with that. I’m sure he wanted to get a contract at long term, but the Bears have to, you know, they have every right to put the franchise tag on it and let that unfold. ”

We must wait until 2022 in this case.

“And so another year will pass,” Miller said. “I think Allen Robinson will prove that he is who he is and the Bears will have another decision to make.”

The decision would then be to score Robinson or get him a long-term contract.

They could wait and see if any of their own young receivers develop or have the option of a receiver they see as an upgrade, but that would be hard to imagine given the elite status. by Robinson. He even reached the top 50 in the Pro Football Focus rankings, which is by no means easy.

“The key after that is who is going to emerge because the Bears drafted the young receivers like a Riley Ridley,” Miller said. “Anthony Miller has yet to prove himself, and you look at Javon Wims, who will have an opportunity. Can any of these players step up and really replicate what Allen Robinson did?

“So that’s what the Bears drafted them for and who knows?”

Miller didn’t seem overly optimistic that neither of those receivers can match Robinson’s level, but whatever happens he expects it to be a smooth operation.

“He could go into free agency next year or the Bears have the decision to slap another franchise tag or really expand it and really commit it to a lucrative deal,” Miller said. “I think he’ll be a pro on it, though, and he understands the position he’s in and he has the opportunity to prove himself and show his work to the whole NFL.”

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