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IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE – IPL Rights LIVE Electronic Auction Updates: The IPL A and B rights packages were sold out on Monday. Reliance Viacom bagged the DIGITAL RIGHTS and Disney Star retained the broadcast rights to IPL 2023-27. On Tuesday, bidding for packages C and D will continue. Package C values ​​have already reached 1,837.50. Bidding resumes at 11 a.m. today. BCCI’s overall revenue reached the level of 46,000 Crore and may increase further today: Follow all IPL Tender LIVE updates with InsideSport.IN

The auction for Package C – non-exclusive Indian digital rights (18 games) – started on Monday evening.

PACKAGE C Status: On Monday night, the last bid for Package C was ₹18.75 crore per game, against the base price of ₹16 crore, guaranteeing at least ₹1,837.50 crore.

PACKAGE D Status: Auction will end with Package D rights. This is the rest of the world consisting of five territories with a base price for each game. Rest of the world territory full AUCTION started at BASE PRICE of 3 Crore .

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DAY 3 IPL electronic auction starts at 11:00 a.m. – RIGHTS status so far

  • Package A – IPL Broadcast Rights Package SOLD 57.5 CR to Disney Star
  • Package B – IPL digital rights SOLD at 50 CR per game at Viacom18 – Reliance JIO
  • Package C – Currently at 18.75 Crore per game / Value at 1837.5 CR – In progress
  • Package D – 3 of the 5 territories in the rest of the world sold. Australia, Europe including UK went to Viacom– In progress

BCCI finally secured a price of 44,075 Crore ($5.64 billion) for the A+B packages. The digital deals eventually closed at 50 Crore per game. While broadcast rights earned 57.5 Crore.

Day 2 Highlights: Overall BCCI revenue so far stands at 46,000 CRORE

  • Viacom obtains the digital right for 20,500 crore. Digital is only 13% lower than broadcast values.
  • Indian subcontinent TV rights: Disney Star retains the right to 23,575 crores
  • The package was sold for 44,075 crore.
  • Package C: Bidding reached 1837.5 Crore
  • Package D: 3 of the 5 territories in the rest of the world SOLD
  • Auctions will begin Tuesday at 11 p.m.
  • BCCI’s total revenue currently stands at 45,888 CRORE+ Rest of the World Territories Sale (ads not yet disclosed)

IPL Media Rights Tender: Disney Star Retains Broadcast Rights to BCCI, Viacom BAGS IPL Digital, BCCI Crosses 46,000 Crore Bar: Follow IPL E-Auction LIVE

Bids closed at 44,075 Crore (5.64 billion USD).

According to the latest information from InsideSport, Package A is priced at 23,575 Cr (57.5 Cr per game). The digital rights package B for India was 20,500 Crore (50 Cr per game).

The overall A+B package earned BCCI 107.5 CR per game. But the BCCI has not yet confirmed or given official information on this subject.

According to the BCCI – “NOBODY knows the names at this stage other than the HIGHEST BIDDER himself”

  • Package A – IPL Broadcast Rights Package SOLD AT 57.5 CR
  • Package B – IPL Digital Rights SOLD at 50 CR
  • Package C – Currently at 18.5 Crore per game / Value at 1818 CR – Ongoing
  • Package D – 3 of the 5 rest of the world territories sold.

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IPL Media Rights Tender: Day 2 Bidding Starts at 11am, BCCI Already Richer by 43,050 Crores: Follow IPL Tender Live Updates

DAY 2 begins

@15:00: Start of bidding for package C

@14:45: PACKAGE B – Goes for 50 Crore per game/IPL to have separate live streaming and streaming partners.

@13:34: Why is package B going to make a new offer? As per IPL Tender – The winner of Package A has the opportunity to challenge the digital rights winner, i.e. Package B. The winner of the package will have the same right to challenge Package C – What does that mean ?

  • First thing: the winners of broadcast rights and digital rights are different
  • Second thing: now the winner of the broadcast also wants to acquire the digital rights. The RE-OFFER will start at 2:00 p.m.

@12:45: So BIG question who won package A and package B? Market speculations and RUMORS claims – SONY won broadcast rights for the Indian subcontinent – ​​But no official word so far or BCCI sources

  • To clarify: even BCCI officials can’t see who’s BIDDING. Only the BIDDER whose BID was approved as the HIGHEST BID knows that they have won the BID.

@12:30 p.m.: The winner of package A has decided to challenge the winner of package B for DIGITAL Rights. The new offer for the package will be made after 2 p.m.

@11:55 a.m.: Technically, the winner of package A can still challenge package B Winner for DIGITAL Rights. In the event that he does the same, the RE-OFFER for the Package will be made after 2:00 p.m.

Bids closed at 43,255 Crore (5.5 billion USD). According to the latest information with InsideSport, Package A is priced at 23,575 Cr (57.5 Cr per game) and Digital Rights Package B for India is at 19,680 Crore (48 Cr per game)

@ 11:30am: IPL rights SOLD for 43,050 CRORE

  • Package A – IPL Broadcast Rights Package SOLD AT 57.5 CR
  • Package B – IPL Digital Rights SOLD at 48 CR
  • @10:45 a.m.: These numbers will shock advertisers – CHECK

Disney Star in IPL 2022 sold 10 Sec Spot for 14 LACS / At 43K Crore – SPOT will need to be sold at 40 LACS for the winner BREAK-EVEN / 30 Sec Advertising SPOT more than 1 CR – Crazy this is – Prepare for the WINNER’S CURSE

  • @10am: Auctions will start at 11 a.m. – All bidders are going strong in the RACE and no one wants to give up – UNLIKELY

DAY 1 Completed with BIDDING on step below

  • The IPL value per game exceeds 100 Cr / It is now higher than the Premier League. Only the NFL is more expensive than IPL rights
  • IPL digital RIGHTS is 48.04 Cr per match value / Broadcast rights for the Indian subcontinent at 57 Cr

IPL Media Rights Tender: BCCI already 43,000 crore richer, auction to continue on Monday: follow IPL Tender LIVE UPDATES

  • @5:45 p.m.: AUCTION for DAY 1 ends at 6pm – BCCI is already 43,050 Crores richer / This means the BID VALUE is already 2.5 times higher than LAST TIME and all bidders are still in scrum .
  • @17:15: Matched IPL value comfortably exceeds 100 CR – According to CURRENT OFFERS: Package A is 57 CR & Package B has already hit 48.04 Crores per game. This means that the digital rights alone are now more than the LAST PRICE of the IPL TOTAL PACKAGE.
  • @5:00 p.m.: More than an hour for the day – All bidders still in RACE, bids set to cross $5.5 billion
  • @4:45 PM: The BID is currently at 43,000 crore, which is almost INR 7,000 crore more than the overall base price of the entire rights package.
  • @16:40: IPL Electronic bidding is unlikely to end today – DAY deadline is 6pm. With all BIDDERS still in the fray – The electronic auction will move to Monday
  • @4:00 p.m.: IPL Digital Rights Values ​​Cross 19,000 Crore / IPL LIVE Broadcast Cross 23,000 Crore – The total supply currently reserved for rights from the Indian subcontinent stands at almost 42,000 Crore – All bidders would still be in scrum
  • @3:30 p.m.: Bidding restarts and VALUE of IPL rights per game exceeds 100 Crore: Currently BIDS at 42,000 Crore
  • @2:00 p.m.: In the 1st half of IPL E-AUCTION Bid for RIGHTS exceeded CR 40,000 – This already means IPL rights are more than DOUBLE from the current price
  • @1:30 p.m.: The electronic auction of IPL rights will resume at 3:30 p.m.: All bidders still in the running. “The figures cannot be disclosed”, said the BCCI official.
  • @ 12:41 p.m.: 2 The break will be taken from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • @12:30 p.m.: ZEE is unlikely to offer for PACKAGE A/Package B & C is where Zee’s preferences lie, as previously reported by InsideSport. Sony Sports Network is bidding on behalf of Culver Max Entertainment Private Limited for PACKAGE A
  • @12:15: Lalit Modi makes big and bold predictions – IPL rights will fetch over $8 billion – says it can even go up to $10 billion
  • @11:55: At the request of bidders, BCCI allows additional bids to be raised to any amount above 50 LACS. As interesting as the E-Auction MODULE is, no one from BCCI or BIDDERS knows who is AUCTIONING what? The only thing that appears on their SCREENS is the LAST BID amount.
  • First on the block is the electronic auction for packages A and B – simultaneous bids to be placed. Base price of 49 Crore for Package A / 33 Crore for Package B Let’s see who starts the bidding war. Bidders bid for 410 matches.
  • @11:00: The auction begins, Mjunction the E-auction agency leads the auction

IPL Media Rights Tender: Check how the electronic auction will work?

Tender for IPL Multimedia Rights – LIST of Bidders

  • Package A – Indian Subcontinent Broadcast: Reliance Viacom18, Disney Star, Sony Network, Zee (unlikely to offer) – Bidding starts at 49 Crore, Incremental BID – 50 LACS
  • Package B – Digital Indian Subcontinent: Reliance Viacom18 (Jio & Voot), Disney Star (Hotstar), Sony Network (SonyLIV), Zee (Zee5), Times Internet – Bidding starts at 33 Crore, Incremental BID – 50 LACS
  • Package CNot exclusive: Package C Grouping: 18 or more consisting of an opener; Double-header playoff night games – Incremental OFFER – 15 LAKES
  • Package DRest of the world: SuperSport, FunAsia, Times Internet – Bidding starts at 3 Crore, Incremental OFFER – 10 LAKES
IPL Media Rights Tender: Big Reback for BCCI, Amazon & Google pull out, Star, Sony, Viacom, Times SUBMIT TECHNICAL OFFERS: Follow LIVE UPDATES

IPL Media Rights Tender: Big Reback for BCCI, Amazon set to pull out of IPL Media Rights race: REPORT – Follow LIVE UPDATES

  • Package A consists solely of TV rights for the Indian subcontinent only.
  • Package B deals with digital rights solely and exclusively for the Indian subcontinent.
  • Package C contains the digital rights for a special bouquet of matches, including the playoffs, for the Indian subcontinent only – NON EXCLUSIVE package
  • Package Dwhich includes rest of the world rights for TV and digital, is divided into two sub-categories: ROW combined or five individual regions.
  1. Which matches make up Package C?
  • Package C includes ‘Special package’ matches. The number of games in this package, the IPL said, will vary depending on the total number of games in the season.
  • If the IPL is 74 matches (like IPL 2022), the Special Package will be 18 matches.
  • If there are more than 74 games in a season, the special package games will increase in steps of two for every additional 10 games.
  • Why it’s a SPECIAL PACKAGE because it’s a NOT EXCLUSIVE Package.

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