Better Business Bureau warns of student loan forgiveness scams

Mahoning County Better Business Bureau says hang up on caller you don’t know

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Phone scams are prolific these days. Someone pretending to be the representative of a business, government or even an African prince, but there is a new twist.

The Mahoning County Better Business Bureau says hang up on a caller you don’t know.

“Hang up the phone if you don’t know who they are. We don’t want to give our personal information to someone who calls us at random, ”said Melissa Ames, spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau.

A call 27 First News addressed was about the cancellation of the student loan. We called the number back and an answering service hung up the call twice before we could contact someone.

“These people are not used to receiving incoming calls. They have a habit of calling you, luring you in with their offer, and getting your personal information, ”Ames said.

The BBB says student loan scams may become more common due to the federal government’s student loan cancellation talks.

“Throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen an evolution of scams, especially now that this is potentially the third stimulus package we’ve seen. Anytime there’s talk or it’s in the news, that’s when scammers get that message, ”Ames said.

The BBB says if you’re not sure a caller is legitimate, hang up the phone. If you think the caller is impersonating your bank or student lender, call the number on your statement or another verified phone number.

“Contact your student loan provider. There is a great website called that has resources for people who are paying off student loans, ”Ames said.

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