CBAK Energy is developing a special 26650 battery for a very low temperature application


DALIAN from China, February 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBAT) (“CBAK Energy” or the “Company”), a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer and provider of electric power solutions, announced today have started the production test of its special lithium battery 26650 (the “Special battery 26650“). Different from our regular 26650 batteries that the company currently manufactures and sells, the special 26650 battery is a self-developed battery model specially designed for application in very low temperature environments. The 26650 special battery delivered satisfactoryy test performance results to date, while the production yield rate of the test has also been very close to our level required for mass production. The company thinks he will be able to mass deliver its 26650 special battery by the second half of 2021.

The company uses self-developed and customized materials that can be used in extreme environments as the base materials for its 26650 Special Battery. As a result, the 26650 Special Battery has a new ultra-low temperature system and can operate normally. in ultra-low temperature environments. The 26650 special battery can work properly at temperatures as low as minus 40 to minus 50 degrees Celsius and can discharge at a maximum C rate of 60C at room temperature. Able to operate with high efficiency in low temperature environments, the 26650 special battery has several use cases in high latitude and high altitude low temperature environments, such as energy storage in ultra low temperature environment. temperature, base stations, transportation, unmanned drones, aviation and aerospace fields, and other specific circumstances that require ultra-low temperature cells. We believe that our self-developed The 26650 special battery technology is currently at the forefront of the industry.

Sir. Yunfei Li, President and CEO of CBAK Energy, said: “We are delighted to report the success of our first test productions for the 26650 Special Battery and look forward to ramping up production in the future. In addition to demonstrating our industry-leading research and development capabilities, the 26650 Special Battery is very attractive to participants in the aviation and aerospace industries due to its efficient application at ultra-low temperatures. Therefore, we believe that the production of the 26650 Specialty Battery will help fuel our expansion into these markets. Going forward, we plan to continue to leverage our strong technical strengths to develop more competitive battery products, thereby expanding our current portfolio of business development offerings and generating additional long-term shareholder value. “

About CBAK Energy

CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. is a leading high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of new high power lithium batteries. The applications of the Company’s products and solutions include electric vehicles, light electric vehicles, power tools, energy storage, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other high power applications. In january 2006, CBAK Energy has become the leading manufacturer of lithium batteries in China listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. CBAK Energy has several operating subsidiaries in Dalian and Nankeen, as well as a large-scale R&D and production base in Dalian.

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