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By Dr. Thomas Polucki

Most of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. It can come from many different sources, including injuries or the stresses of everyday life.

The article then discusses chronic and acute back pain and ways to relieve it.

If you’ve ever had back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Back pain can range in severity from mild discomfort to crippling muscle spasms and chronic pain that makes it difficult to perform even the most mundane tasks. And if left untreated for too long, the disease can lead to complications such as spinal stenosis or compressed discs in the spine.

Many people make the common mistake of using painkillers first, but this only temporarily masks the pain while the spinal injury worsens. Stretching and massage can provide blessed relief, but they both focus on the muscles, which are rarely the sole cause of back pain.

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Eventually, most people end up at their doctor, who will prescribe stronger medications, physical therapy, and order a few more tests to get an accurate diagnosis. Then refer you to a surgeon who says they don’t want to do surgery yet… Continue pain management and physical therapy until you beg me to put a knife in your back. And most people do just that, even though the American College of Physicians warns of low success and high risks with this unique approach to back pain.

Because the idea of ​​letting some pseudoscientific quack manipulate them into getting lifelong “wellness” care is more terrifying. And none of that helps most people find the lasting relief they need.

Is lasting back pain relief too much to ask? Maybe, for some people. And the reason is not to get the most accurate diagnosis. This may be important, but even more important is the type of person who has back pain.

Three types of patients with back pain

Those who are quick to criticize, complain, and quit will likely never find lasting relief no matter what.
So we can’t help them.

But most of us are the second type of person who will work at something even if they don’t fully understand it. Because they can decide for themselves what works for them and cautiously trust past performance and hope for more than scary predictions and addiction.

And the ideal outcome is always reserved for those who know, without fear, that they will do whatever it takes to improve. They trust experience rather than ‘facts’ and understand that the investment idea is almost always ‘free’. They generally don’t follow the crowd and aren’t overly impressed with charisma or one-size-fits-all automation. But they like structure and measurable results. Because they value their time too much for anything less.

Here are some of the reasons why we attract ideal results.

Functional Medicine Vitamin Supplements

Functional medicine can help reduce pain amplified by inflammation, improve stress hormones, optimize detoxification, vitamin, mineral balances, and digestive function to support long-lasting back pain relief. Because Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners help their patients with personalized diet and exercise programs designed to restore health instead of a single, one-size-fits-all solution for pain management.

Home Therapy Rehabilitation

Now, remotely monitored telehealth home therapies are helping reduce the need for doctor visits and helping patients relieve pain, release tension and restore function from the comfort of their own home.

Near infrared light

Many published studies support the use of near-infrared light to treat skin, joint, muscle, nerve, and blood circulation problems. The near infrared light is pleasant, relaxes stiffness and improves blood circulation to promote healing.

PEMF (PULSE Electro-Magnetic Field)

Several published studies support the use of a pulsed magnetic field to reduce pain and healing time.

Upper cervical care

Effective chiropractic treatment without twisting or cracking. Assessment and treatment of alignment, balance and coordination reduce pain, stress and improve function. Uniquely personalized, each session, depending on the person and the condition. Exclusively available from Certified Upper Cervical Chiropractors.

Hello, I’m Dr. Thomas Polucki, WebMD’s Choice for Best Chiropractor Near Me and Functional Medicine in Santa Clarita. I have taught at two chiropractic colleges and have over thirty years of clinical experience. For over 10 years I have led over 300 functional medicine practitioners across America as Medical Director.

And I hope I can help you find the lasting relief you need.

Please Google some of my reviews. We can’t help everyone and the only way I can tell if someone might be a good candidate is through consultation.

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