Commercial Radio Australia joins Android Automotive working group


Australia’s leading radio industry body, Commercial Radio Australia, has joined a global working group collaborating on radio innovation in Google’s new connected car infotainment operating system, Android Automotive.

The announcement:

The Australian commercial radio industry has joined a global task force of broadcasters, automakers and technology experts working together to innovate radio in Android Automotive, Google’s infotainment operating system built into new connected cars.

The industry body Commercial Radio Australia is part of the task force, led by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in the United States, which is studying the use of a combination of broadcast radio, the Internet and voice technology to optimize the radio experience in the car.

“The connected car will transform the in-car entertainment experience, and Australian broadcasters are delighted to be part of this exciting global working group providing information on how to deliver the best possible radio experience,” said Joan Warner , CEO of CRA.

Android Automotive is an open source operating platform with an interface designed for the car screen and featuring Google Assistant voice commands to control a range of car functions, so users can request a station radio button to start playing.

Automakers are able to customize Android Automotive, and several, including Ford and Volvo, have already announced they will adopt it. ABI Research has forecast that 36 million new vehicles will be delivered with Android infotainment systems by 2030.

Speaking at the WorldDAB Automotive 2021 virtual conference, Ms Warner said it was important for broadcast technology to remain the basis for broadcasting the radio in the connected car because of its reliability, with the internet providing enhanced functionality. such as richer content, images such as album art, and interactivity.

“Eighty-four percent of Australians listen to the radio in the car, so it’s essential that radio remains important and that listeners can easily find their favorite stations. *

“It’s a dynamic space and broadcasters need to join global efforts and work with automakers to ensure that radio is part of new automotive application ecosystems as connected cars unfold. “

ARC joined the NAB PILOT initiative as a result of its work with Google in Australia and around the world to make 400 Australian radio stations available via voice control on Google Nest speakers and screens.

Other participants in the NAB initiative include the BBC, iHeartMedia, New York Public Radio, Bauer Media, automakers Ford and Volkswagen / Audi, and technology developer Xperi.

Source: CRA press release

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