Delilah buys KDUN-AM, the radio station in the hometown where it all began


REEDSPORT, Oreg. (June 29, 2021) – Delilah, the “queen of sappy love songs” has bought the radio station where it all started – KDUN AM in Reedsport, Oregon. The beloved radio personality made the announcement today.

When Delilah was in college, she entered a speech contest at the school she attended in a small coastal hamlet, Reedsport Oregon. She won the speech competition by reciting Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Speech”. It turns out that the contest was partly judged by two brothers, Jerome and Steve Kenegy. The Kenegy brothers owned the local radio station KDUN. Within a week of the contest, the Kenegy’s invited Delilah and other contest winners to the studios of their small AM station, which were housed in the same small wooden building that housed the transmitter. The first time she was in the studio, Delilah says she felt “at home” and her passion for radio was born. When Delilah was old enough to work, the Kenegys offered her a job and she worked there until graduation, then moved south to Coos Bay, Oregon to work as a rock jock. on KYNG. Delilah continued to advance in her career, increasing her influence and developing her signature style that so many people love today.

Today, Delilah is heard by more than 12 million listeners each week on more than 160 radio stations across the United States, on the Armed Forces Network in Japan, Korea and Central Europe, on the iHeart Radio application and its podcast. This announcement really brings her home, as Dellilah bought KDUN, her home station where it all began.

The transmitter is still housed in the same small wooden structure, which literally sits in the middle of a cow pasture on the banks of the Smith River. Delilah is feverishly working to restore the site so that she can once again be heard on “KDUN, the voice of the Oregon dunes”.

Delilah says, “When I left I couldn’t wait to get to the ‘big city’, but there is something special about the kindness and simplicity of this coastal hideaway and I can’t wait to help out. develop this station. “

Currently, the town of Reedsport lacks media to cover local news: there is no newspaper, TV channel or other media. Delilah’s hope is to involve the whole city in the station, offering local programming and news, with local hosts.

Delilah’s desire is to help cultivate and develop young local talent who have a passion for communication, and to involve them in the local station. For now, upgrading and updating the station is his top priority.

A number of radio stars have stepped up to help with this endeavor, including Smokey Rivers, Gary Nolan, Chris Mays (who pioneered Delilah’s current format, called Curfew in 1984), Jim Ryan and many others. They don’t mind the fact that the city and surrounding area only boasts a population of less than 10,000, they are eager to help. KDUN will be broadcast live, with news and information relevant to the community and live cameras that capture the indescribable beauty of the Oregon coast. Even if you live in a fast-paced metropolitan city, you can connect with the vibe of a hometown with four traffic lights, a herd of elk nestled in a field just outside the city limits. , miles of sand dunes and people who care deeply about each other.

More information will be available on the future of KDUN-AM.


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