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PHILADELPHIA – (AP) – Donovan McNabb is hopeful that other black quarterbacks won’t switch positions when encouraged to do so due to their athleticism.

Staying on watch worked well for McNabb. He made six Pro Bowls after being drafted No.2 overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999 and led the team to five NFC Championship games in 11 seasons.

His career might have been different if he hadn’t gone to Syracuse.

“When I was recruited out of high school, for a lot of scouts who would come to see the movie and they would have the chance to sit in front of you and assess you a bit while you talk to them, there were questions, “McNabb said on the AP Pro Football podcast.” Have you ever thought about playing wide catcher? Have you ever thought about playing as a running back? If you’ve been to campus, do you think that you can compete with some of our quarterbacks? “”

McNabb never thought of another position because he only played the quarterback. He didn’t factor in schools that wanted him to play running back or wide catcher.

“It seems they are a little upset that you are turning them down,” he said. “They say, ‘If you ever think of playing another position, please put us on the list to be the first call. “”

McNabb and Professional Football Hall of Fame member Warren Moon are among the players to feature in the premiere of a documentary called “Fear of a Black Quarterback” airing on Vice TV Thursday night.

“There was always the question of doubt when you are a young child,” McNabb said. “People tell you that you can be a catcher or a running back or that you would be better at linebacker or safe and just kill your dream.”

Lamar Jackson said a Los Angeles Chargers scout asked him to lead routes to the NFL scout combine. He refused. The Baltimore Ravens selected Jackson with the 32nd pick in the 2018 draft. He was NFL MVP in his second season.

Several Black QBs say teams aren’t as patient with them in the development process.

“You’re either a starter or you’re not in the league,” said Akili Smith, who was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals a pick after McNabb and only lasted four seasons.

Even the success of Super Bowl champions Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes has not convinced McNabb that the perception has not changed for black QBs.

“There is positivity, but we have to remember it,” McNabb said. “Do you remember when Russell Wilson got his contract?” What was one of the first things people said? Is he worth more money than Aaron Rodgers? Is he worth more money than Tom Brady?

McNabb has won more games for the Eagles (92-49-1) than any quarterback in franchise history and holds multiple club records, including most passing yards (32,873) and most touchdown passes (216). His No.5 retired in 2013. Despite the success, his relationship with fans has seen its ups and downs. It started with boos in the draft from fans who wanted the team to select running back Ricky Williams.

“It’s a part of people who have thoughts and ideas,” McNabb said.

McNabb says he mentored Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, who replaced Carson Wentz last December and enters this season as a starter.

“Everywhere he went he won,” McNabb said. “I know the job he’s been doing this offseason and who he’s worked with and now he just has to create a chemistry with the coaching staff. You need to be able to build chemistry throughout this attack with the rest of the players. Do they have enough pieces around it to be successful, that is the question.


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