DR and TV2 team up with Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm for 5G live streaming during the Tour de France in Copenhagen

Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in media streaming technology, played a leading role in an exciting public demonstration of the latest in mobile content delivery: 5G streaming. The presentation was made by Danish broadcasters DR and TV2, with special mobile devices provided by Qualcomm.

The Tour de France is the most prestigious cycling event in the world and, by tradition, its Grand Départ stages take place outside the country. This year, the first three days of the event were held in Denmark, starting with a time trial in the capital Copenhagen on July 1.

Host broadcaster TV2, seeking to increase audience engagement, offered specially tailored content on 5G Broadcast, a new content delivery standard. It has a wide range of applications including localized broadcasting, public safety and IoT delivery. The benefit is that the content was not streamed over a large number of individual connections, but streamed to devices that didn’t even need a SIM card to receive it, eliminating network congestion and allowing broadcasters to retain transmission rights.

For the TV2/DR demonstration, the transmission used a Rohde & Schwarz TMU9evo medium power UHF transmitter installed in Copenhagen for the project. The content was prepared by TV2 as part of its host broadcaster’s productions. Viewers saw the low-latency live streams on Qualcomm Technologies smartphone-like devices.

“5G streaming is an exciting new way for consumers to connect to live video streams wherever they are, adding to the experience and engagement of events like the Tour de France,” said Manfred Reitmeier, Vice President of Broadcast and Amplification Systems at Rohde & Schwarz. “This was part of an ongoing program of demonstrations in association with Qualcomm to show what this technology can offer, and we are grateful for the participation of DR and TV2.”

Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice President of Technical Standards at Qualcomm Europe, added: “It was a great demonstration of how 5G streaming can bring a new dimension of viewing. People enjoyed the spectacle of the race ahead of them, while keeping up to date with all the action via their mobile devices, all without the frustrations of network congestion, and creating new revenue opportunities for broadcasters. and content providers.

5G Broadcast is an open standard, based on the 3GPP Release 16 feature set. It offers network operators and broadcasters the ability to create new consumer experiences, including ephemeral services around music and sporting events like the tour of France. High-powered, high-tower free services also offer great potential for public information and safety messages.

It is not limited to live and linear video distribution: it offers a whole new range of business models to deliver content or data to a large number of receivers without affecting the usual cellular 5G mobile network. These include the distribution of IoT data, such as updated mapping or traffic information to autonomous vehicles and GPS receivers.

About Rohde & Schwarz Broadcast & Media

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