Dry start to the week; Wednesday, Wednesday evening


Our Sunday high temperature in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was at 49 degrees. Cloud cover and gusty winds made it colder than that. It remained dry Sunday in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, but parts of west-central Minnesota and extreme southern Minnesota occasionally saw showers. These same areas will have a chance of continuous rain this Sunday evening.

You will be happy to hear that the sun is returning to many areas on Monday!

Wednesday soaker

Our next good luck rain comes Tuesday night and continues Wednesday and Wednesday night. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NAM) North American Mesoscale Forecast Model (NAM) shows the potential rainfall pattern from late Tuesday night to Wednesday evening:

Radar simulated Wednesday and Wednesday evening

NOAA, via Tropicaltidbits.com

A forecast model shows that rain persists over eastern Minnesota and much of Wisconsin until Thursday morning.

You can hear updated weather information for Minnesota and Western Wisconsin on the Minnesota Public Radio News Network, and you can see updated weather information on the MPR News Live Weather Blog.

Temperature trends

The high average temperature of the Twin Cities on October 25 is 53 degrees. Metropolitan area highs are expected to hit the 50 lows on Monday. Much of southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin will have Monday highs in the lower 50s, with 40s in parts of northern Minnesota:


Highs expected on Monday

National Meteorological Service

Wind gusts of 17 to 23 miles per hour are expected Monday afternoon in northwestern Minnesota and also near Lake Superior, with lighter winds elsewhere:


Monday 1 p.m. gusts of wind forecast

National Meteorological Service

The wind forecast plotted is in knots, with 17 knots equating to 19.6 mph.

Returning to expected highs, the Twin Cities metro area highs are expected to reach the mid-1950s on Tuesday, followed by 50 lows on Wednesday and Thursday. The peaks return to the mid-1950s on Friday.

Autumn colors

The latest fall color report from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources shows that colors have passed their peak in the deep red shaded areas of Minnesota:


Fall colors on Sunday

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

The percentage change to fall colors is between 75 percent and 100 percent in areas shaded with medium red, including much of the Twin Cities metro area and parts of southeastern Minnesota.

Keep in mind that all deciduous trees are included in the Fall Color Report, not just maple trees.

Information on Wisconsin’s fall colors can be found here.

Halloween Outlook

Halloween Blizzard

Steve Dale’s daughter Katy, then 10, sits in a snowdrift with the Rosy Family Dalmatian and buried pumpkins during the 1991 Halloween blizzard in Bloomington, Minn.

Photo courtesy of Steve Dale

It’s a beautiful picture, but it’s not a forecast of things to come! At this point, the forecast cards show no spooky weather for Halloween next Sunday. Evening temperatures should be near normal; dipping into the 1930s in northern and central Minnesota with around 40 in the south. Check for forecast updates.

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