Dying Light 2 Transmitter Choice: Should I give the radio tower to Frank, Juan or Jack Matt on broadcast?

By doing the diffusion quest in Dying Light 2, players will have to decide who gets the radio transmitter tower. Frank, Juan, and Jack Matt all want it, but players can only choose one. The radio tower is an important asset for whoever obtains it. The big choice with the Emitter comes down to Survivors or Peacekeepers, and the effects of this decision will impact future events in the game (more so than some of the other choices players will encounter).

Should I give the transmitter to Frank, Juan or Jack Matt in Dying Light 2?

Players can choose to give the radio transmitter tower to Frank, Juan, or Matt in Dying Light 2 (unlike some other landmarks). However, all three will never be available. If players choose to help Juan with the Welcome Aboard quest, they can choose to give the transmitter to Juan or Frank. If players choose to help Jack Matt in this quest, they then have the option of giving the tower to Jack or Frank.

Here are the consequences of your choices in the broadcast quest:

  • Give the transmitter to Jack Matt: This gives control of the radio tower to the Peacekeepers. They use it to spread propaganda. (Victory of the blue helmets)
  • Give the transmitter to Juan: This still gives control of the radio tower to the Peacekeepers, but Juan plants a bug to listen in on their comms. (Blue Helmets always win)
  • Give the transmitter to Frank: Frank wishes to use the tower to establish a radio station supporting the survivors. If the players give him control, he will launch New Hope Radio. (Victory of the survivors)

As this is a major pick, players will want to weigh their options. However, it basically comes down to whether players want to side with the Peacekeepers or the Survivors. Whoever wants the Peacekeepers to win should give Juan or Jack Matt the radio tower. Those who want the survivors to be victorious should let Frank control him.

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