Follina, AirTags, identity theft and the law of large numbers [Podcast] – Bare Security

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Please keep in mind that we research, prepare, record, edit and publish our podcasts for people who *enjoy* listening to audio content (along with or in place of written content), not for people who dislike not.

We sometimes provide transcripts if we think they will be particularly useful (eg to help non-native English speakers follow along when we know we’ve used strange words or discussed really major issues).

But the simple truth is that written and spoken English is as good as two different languages. We don’t write articles as if they were speeches, and we don’t just record podcasts as “spoken writing,” and they’re not meant to be interchangeable.

Those who like to read are already well served here; podcasts are just extra content for people who also love podcasts. If you don’t like podcasts so much that you won’t listen to this one, it seems unlikely that you’ll suddenly start liking it just because we (I mean me by that – and that’s really a hard work!) let’s write it down word for word.

As you’ll see, we always link to articles we discuss (and almost always stick to stuff we’ve already covered in writing). So if you miss reading, there are three links in this article alone that should cheer you up!

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