Fox FM keeps charging as 3AW powerhouse stutters again

Southern Cross Austereo’s Fox FM continued its strong start to the year in GfK’s second-of-the-year audience survey, increasing its overall share by 1.8 percentage points to 9.6% in the biggest market in commercial radio from Australia.

The second survey of the year was measured between February 6 and February 26 and between February 27 and April 2, meaning there was a slight overlap with the first survey, delivered a year ago. month.

Fifi, Fev and Nick find a form on Fox

Fox’s growth in both surveys so far this year will be a welcome result for SCA, which has had a disappointing 2021, with Fox and Triple M feeling the effects of the ongoing COVID shutdowns. Triple M also increased its market share by 0.4 points in this book, to an overall share of 5.4%.


After telling Mumbrella earlier this year that he would stick to his talent rosters, it seems to be paying off for Dave Cameron so far, as the breakfast trio of Fifi, Fev and Nick reached a share of 9.6%. During a tough time for FM stations, the show fell to 4.7% in November.

Nine Radio’s 3AW lost overall share for the third consecutive survey, this time by 0.8 points, landing on an overall share of 15.1%. The talkback station continues to dominate the Melbourne market by far, despite reaching a share as high as 18.9% as recently as the seventh survey in 2021.

Second Melbourne Inquiry [click to enlarge]

Another big winner in book number two of the year was Gold FM, which continued to show that it is the leading traditional FM station in the market, despite a drop of 0.1 percentage points. The station’s front man Christian O’Connell increased his share again to 10.3% overall, after an already strong poll.

The Melbourne market, Australia’s largest in terms of ad spend, is set for a competitive year as Nova also increased its share. It was a strong book for Chrissy, Sam and Browny at Breakfast, who, like the Fox breakfast trio, had a strong start to the year, this time growing 1.7 points to 9.2% of market share.

After a great run in 2021 alongside 3AW, ABC Melbourne appears to be the loser so far in returning to commuting and ending lockdowns. The station rose slightly by 0.2 points to reach an overall share of 7.6%, but still far from last year’s results. His breakfast host Sammy J lost 1.1 points to 8.7% while Raf Epstein also dropped to 7%. With a federal election cycle underway, whether the discussion will see another boost is one to watch in the third survey, which runs until May 21, Election Day.

Last month, the grades measurement overhaul began, but it was only live in Sydney for part of the second survey.

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