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A modern feature set packed in nostalgia

December 06, 2021, 2:15 pm

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PRUNUS R-818 vintage wooden retro FM radio speaker. Photo: Collected


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PRUNUS R-818 Vintage wooden retro FM radio speaker. Photo: Collected

Whether it’s a retro addition to your living room or listening to music while sipping your evening tea, the PRUNUS R-818 Wooden Retro FM Radio Speaker can be a great friend!

“This is the cutest, cutest little radio with a really powerful sound, for its size,” a customer review said on Amazon, reflecting how vintage radio can be an adorable addition to your living room. Either way, you might want to go for this retro piece purely for its functionality as it includes the following features:

Bring back the 90s

The PRUNUS R-818 is made of natural walnut wood. Placing the speaker on a side table in your living room is sure to impress guests, while also taking them back to the ’90s. To match it with the furniture, you can choose the right color; cherry or brown.

Ideal with FM channels

In the age of YouTube and Spotify, some of us still like to walk down memory lane with FM channels. Equipped with high-quality DSP chip and built-in antenna, PRUNUS R-818 speaker receives signals from FM channels accurately, ensuring crystal-clear sound system.

Connect with your smartphone

When you want to listen to your favorite song aloud or watch a movie; you can simply connect the speaker to your smartphone via bluetooth. In seconds, the retro-radio turns into an adorable Bluetooth speaker.

Take anywhere, anytime

This vintage speaker comes in a compact design. You can take it to the kitchen, vibrate on your track while cooking, or take it to the study room for a break. Built-in rechargeable battery and carrying strap let you take it out even when you are cycling or walking.

Warm light

Just when you thought the radio couldn’t be more adorable, it comes with a warm light installed around the tuning window. It creates a romantic ambience while helping you tune in to stations in the dark at night.
Recommended or not?

While most of the users were happy to find this cute little friend, there were some who wanted the battery life to be better. In our opinion, the retro-radio can be a great gift for the average budget.

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Price: 3,100 TK

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