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There are many forms of advertising, but radio advertising is among the cheapest and most effective. It is perfect for transmitting emotions quickly to a large number of people. It’s no surprise that even large companies rely on radio advertising. However, the number of small businesses using radio marketing as an effective marketing tool is increasing. Not only local businesses, but many online businesses are using this method of advertising to attract more and more customers. One of the best examples is KiwiGambler in New Zealand.

KiwGambler is an online casino affiliate business accessible at Readers can find real reviews on the best online casinos and exclusive bonuses available on its platform. The goal of this business is to promote safe gambling. New players can learn a lot about how to choose a safe casino platform, how to pick the right bonus and a lot more. The owner uses multiple marketing mix tools including SEO, digital marketing, and radio advertising.

Why does KiwiGambler use radio advertising?

It may seem strange to some people that an online business is using an old-fashioned marketing tool. Here, it must be understood that the number of people who listen to the radio is enormous. Most New Zealanders prefer to listen to radio stations while driving rather than playing music on their phones. According to a research by RNZ National, a New Zealand radio station, has a weekly cumulative audience of over 720,800. This represents over 14% of the total population.

There are nearly 30 radio networks and groups of stations in the country. Thus, the marketing strategy of adopting radio advertising has proved successful for KiwiGambler. We don’t claim that every radio listener has to be a casino enthusiast, but KiwiGambler can invite new players to the world of online casinos with such publicity. Here are some advantages of using radio advertising:

• This is a rapid expansion of reach by targeting a potential group

• Easy to convey a message through emotions

• Strong acceptance of advertising

• Profitable for businesses

• Optimal complementary support

Several studies have also indicated that radio advertising is five times more effective than television advertising.

How KiwiGambler Uses Radio Advertising: What We Can Learn

Global spending on radio advertising is gradually increasing. It has declined over the past two years, but experts predict it will increase over the next four years.

Every business spends a decent amount of money on this form of marketing. Let’s see how KiwiGambler effectively uses the radio marketing tool.

It has a defined campaign

While using any form of marketing, the business must have its campaign in a defined manner. This is what KiwiGambler does. It aims to invite more players to digital casinos while ensuring safety and security. In addition, he wants to strengthen his image with online casino players in the country. All of these goals form the basis of the radio campaign. So, considering what your campaign should achieve is what this online platform teaches us.

He has potential customers in mind

Another important thing when using radio advertising is who the listeners are. Since this online business is aimed at attracting new people to online casinos, it targets people who want to add fun to their daily life. For example, people who drive to the office will surely try out a few casino games in their spare time. And they are the ones who listen to the radio the most.

Attractively defined basic message

In digital marketing, companies use different basic messages to attract customers. However, in radio advertising it is advisable to limit yourself to a single central message. The message should make an impression and should be easy to remember. KiwiGambler influences the emotional state of listeners with the crafting of exciting casino bonuses and how amazing the online gambling world is. In addition, this message is supported by a unique piece of music that sticks to listeners. It is therefore important to learn that the main message must be unique and that it must be unique for listeners to get used to. In addition, it is important to broadcast the ad with appropriate radio broadcasts.

Contests and everyday stories

No matter what form of marketing collateral you use, free perks and winning stories always draw people in. So, in order to attract more people, this digital platform describes some lucrative offers available at popular online casinos in their radio advertising. This prompts people to grab the bonuses immediately. Moreover, it also encompasses the real stories of the players making a decent profit at online slots or other jackpots. It surely attracts people. Other companies can learn how to offer interesting sweepstakes and tell the real story everyday to listeners. This has proven to be successful for Kiwigambler, and other companies can use it as well.

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