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Each student wants to take notes to help them prepare for class later. In this article, we have prepared some tips to help you. If you are having trouble writing an essay, we recommend that you contact the proofreading service, which will be the best help.

Where will you take notes?

You will need all of these note-taking methods not just in college. For example, during negotiations or important meetings, it is sometimes also necessary to record the opinions and remarks of the interlocutors.

Then, by analyzing your files, you can easily identify the main ideas and outcomes of the meeting. These methods can also be used to organize presentations or public speeches.

So, according to Cornell’s method, in the left column you write the main theses, on the right – examples and details that confirm the thesis, and at the bottom you can write the main conclusions and the main idea of ​​the report.

Mind maps

Such a summary should start in the middle of the sheet, where the main topic is marked. From this key concept there are branches in different directions, and to each branch ideas and words on a topic are attached.

To draw a mind map you will need colored pens. It is best to keep a synopsis in an A4 notebook or tablet so that you can draw quickly.

Flow method

This method is suitable if you are already familiar with the equipment or if you can additionally record a conference on a dictaphone or have a presentation.

The idea of ​​the flow method is to write down the ideas that arise while listening to a lecture. This is especially useful if you know in advance how to apply the knowledge in practice. For example, when you take training, it will help you develop your own business.

Boxing method

The essence of this method is to place each block of the subject in small squares. This makes it easier to perceive the information because you only focus on the selected aspect of the topic and the facts are not confused.

This method is particularly useful in the study of foreign words, dates, biographies of historical figures, to compare several concepts.

Indexing method

Arrows, boxes, diagrams, tables, charts, drawings and other visual aids are the best tools for understanding connections and memorizing key concepts.

You can use them in the text or put them in the margins to grab attention.

For example, if the teacher dictated an unfamiliar concept and did not provide a definition, you can place a light icon next to it and then process the new term.

Numbering method

The essence of this type of summary is to give a serial number to each recorded thought.

At the same time, conciseness in the presentation of ideas and clarity of thought are trained, then it is easy to navigate through the synopsis. The method will be useful for recording long lectures, especially if the teacher sometimes jumps from thought to thought.

Cornell’s method

In the middle of the last century, Walter Pock, a professor at Cornell University, developed a method of note-taking that became popular among students. It offers an efficient organization of opinions and notes, leaving the possibility of taking notes, emphasizing important points, asking questions.

Any notepad or notepad is suitable for Cornell recordings. The sheet should be divided into three sections. To do this, first draw a line 5-7 cm above the bottom edge of the sheet. Then draw a vertical line, moving 7 to 9 cm away from the left edge. In the end, you will get: the left part – for the main ideas, the right – for the current notes, the bottom part – for the summary, conclusions and questions.

To avoid drawing each sheet yourself, you can print a PDF file or purchase notebooks with ready-made markup at a stationery store.

How to use?

During the course, you must fill in the grade column. It is not necessary to take notes from each speaker – only the main ideas.

As you reread the notes, bring back to the left column the main theses and questions that arose during the course.

At the bottom write an abstract, where briefly and essentially describe the content of the course material. If you can write such a summary, then the material is mastered. Yes, in preparation for the exam you will only need to review the main theses and conclusions.

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