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Two-thirds of the i98 breakfast crew defect to rival radio station Wave FM. Ryan Cram and Lyndal Rogers are both longtime employees of WIN Corporation who own i98 and C91.3 – Cram having started with the company two decades ago and Rogers 18 years ago. The couple have signed a contract to take part in Wave FM’s new drive show from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, but will not start until November due to “contractual obligations.” “We intended to create a new show from scratch, but when Ryan and Lyndal became an option it made sense to hire them immediately,” said Ryan Rathbone, content director for the Grant Broadcasters Group. Read more: Dapto’s Bear Grylls Show ‘Another Side’ on Reality TV Currently, the duo host breakfast with Marty Haynes on i98 which will continue with the station. “After spending 21 years on Illawarra on the same radio station, I felt it was time to change and challenge myself,” Cram said in a statement. “The joke has always been at the heart of our friendship and I know it will continue on Wave FM,” Rogers added. A job posting for the Wave FM Drive show had been posted on various industry websites, although chief executive Joel Gosper said they wanted to put the “local community” first by having personalities. familiar and local content. i98 announced Monday that they will be launching “a brand new Breakfast Show in Spring 2021,” but did not disclose whether Haynes would continue as a solo host or with others. “Marty Haynes and we are very happy that he continues to participate in the Illawarra Awakening each day,” i98 station manager Tia Davis said in a statement. “I thank Crammy and Lyndal for their time with us and wish them well for the future.” We depend on subscription revenues to support our journalism. If you can, subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.


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