KHVU (Radio NGEN) / Houston leaving FM radio for digital only


Launch of the new 11/8 digital platform

Hope Media Group’s Christian Pop & Hip Hop KHVU (NGEN RADIO) / HOUSTON is leaving the 91.7 FM signal and going exclusively to digital distribution. The station’s audience has changed where and how they consume music and content since the station’s launch 11 years ago. The mission of HOPE MEDIA GROUP for NGEN Radio remains to connect adolescents and young adults more deeply to GOD through music and content. The 91.7 FM signal helped establish the NGEN brand and a base of support, enabling the ministry to shift media consumption to digital.

“We currently have thousands of listeners streaming and listening through the app,” said NGEN morning show host MARCUS SULLIVAN. “It’s important that we focus on that audience and bring them more content than music. People have been talking about streaming for years and NGEN is taking action. We are excited about this new direction!

According to HOPE MEDIA GROUP President and CEO, JOE PAULO, “Our commitment has never been to FM radio and steel towers. They are just tools. For NGEN, our passion and commitment is to young adults – the next generation – and how we can most effectively reach them with the life-changing love of GOD. The sky is the limit in the digital space, and we are ready to seize the opportunity like never before. “

NGEN’s transition from 91.7FM and other FM frequencies to its brand new digital space is Monday (11/8). HOPE MEDIA GROUP informs All ACCESS that another announcement is coming on what will replace NGEN on FM signals.

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