KIIS FM radio host Kyle Sandilands tells Jackie O that Gladys Berejiklian’s alleged texts about Scott Morrison are ‘not real news’

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands has furiously quit his co-host and top-rated radio show after an explicit rant about alleged text messages sent between Gladys Berejiklian and a Liberal Cabinet minister over Scott Morrison.

Broadcaster Kyle Sandilands stormed out of his morning breakfast show after an argument over Gladys Berejiklian and Scott Morrison erupted live.

Sandilands was immediately frustrated after newsreader Brooklyn Ross ran its newsletter with Ms Berejiklian’s alleged text exchange with a Liberal Cabinet colleague where she called Mr Morrison “a horrible, horrible person”.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show host, who thought the story was “not real news”, was baffled by why it made it to the front pages of the newspapers.

“I’m actually a bit annoyed. This is the biggest news in Australia, and it’s for nothing,” he said after 6am on Wednesday.

“This isn’t real news. If this is the news, go on TV and radio today and say ‘no news is good news’. Don’t make up fictional dramas for nothing. .”

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Ross and co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson both argued that Ms Berejiklian’s story deserved to be included in the news.

The 50-year-old accused the media, Ross and his 21-year-old co-host of making it a bigger story than he thought it was worth.

“That’s what people do, they add, ‘she didn’t deny it, all she said was I don’t remember’. Then the reporters all say : ‘How can we do anything about it. Let’s say she didn’t deny it,'” he said.

Sandilands became friends with Ms Berejiklian after making a weekly appearance on her show when she was Premier of New South Wales.

He then became embroiled in a tense argument with Henderson whom he accused of “blindly” believing journalist Peter Van Onselen, who revealed the alleged messages during Question Time at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

“You take the other side. It’s very disappointing as a friend,” Sandilands said.

“Even if the text was true. That doesn’t necessarily mean she thinks it’s awful. But all of you fools think ‘oh that means it’s awful’, because you’re stupid. “

He then turned his attention to Ross after suggesting that the public should be able to “make up their own mind” as both sides have had a say in the matter.

But just before he could finish speaking, Sandilands ordered him to turn off his microphone and get out of the air.

“You’re done, get out,” he yelled at Ross, who is seated behind him in a separate studio.

A confused and frustrated Henderson asked, “What’s wrong with you this morning?”

He then abruptly got up from his chair and stormed out of the room.

“F**k this joint. Do the show for yourself. What an af*****g show it will be.”

It comes after Mr Morrison was allegedly branded a ‘fraud and a psychopath’ in an exchange of text messages between Ms Berejiklian and a current Liberal minister.

The revelations were made to the Prime Minister by the Network Ten reporter while answering questions following his address.

“In one, she describes you as ‘a horrible, horrible person,’ going on to say that she didn’t trust you and that you care more about politics than people,” van Onselen said. .

“The Minister is even more scathing, calling you a ‘fraud’ and a ‘complete psychopath’”.

Mr Morrison was apparently puzzled by the messages when asked if they were a ‘surprise’.

“I don’t know who you are referring to, or the basis of what you told me,” Mr Morrison said.

“But I obviously don’t agree with that, and I don’t think that’s my record.”

Ms Berejiklian released a statement later on Tuesday afternoon in which she said she had “no recollection” of text messages relating to Mr Morrison.

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