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Radio personality Donna D, who joined Jesse Duran In The Morning! broadcast on KOLA 99.9 FM in February 2018, bid a tearful farewell to his family radio on Thursday September 23.

Donna DeCoster first arrived at KOLA and sister station KCAL 96.7 FM, based in Redlands, in August 2017, taking on weekend shifts and replacing as needed elsewhere on the air.

DeCoster is leaving for a job at a non-profit organization that will allow her to work from home, she announced on air Thursday, September 23, a day before her last shift on Friday.

“Donna is going to be leaving our show,” said Duran. “And you go on your own; you obviously have a great opportunity to seize. This is going to be very hard for me and for all of our listeners, but it is extremely hard for you.

DeCoster, struggling to calm down, agreed.

“It was obviously an emotional roller coaster,” she said. “I didn’t say a single word before I started to cry. It was not easy to quit a job you love so much.

“And you guys, Jesse, you’re like my best friend here,” DeCoster said.

“We had a great time together, Donna,” he replied.

“You pissed me off a few times,” she replied, laughing. “But I’ve never had a better co-host in my radio career. So that tells you something. I will miss you terribly.

DeCoster said his first stop would be Cincinnati to be with his twin sister and family. DeCoster’s nephew, who is also his godson, and his wife are expecting a baby in January, which will keep her here in Ohio at least until then, she told listeners.

“And then I’m going to spend some time on a beach somewhere,” she said.

DeCoster is a radio veteran, who worked at KXKL “KOOL” 105 in Denver before landing at KOLA. The new gig, however, was too good not to be accepted, she said.

“I think when an opportunity presents itself and it’s almost too good to pass up, you have to jump in, and that’s what I do,” DeCoster said.

“I have never been part of a radio station that has been such a family,” she said. “It was so wonderful. If you’ve ever had to quit a job you love, it’s torturous on some level.

“It’s exciting and it’s great, and you also have to take risks in life, but it’s difficult.

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