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I grew up in radio and worked in several western radio stations. When I started radio, you could bring your own records to the station and play them on the air. In San Luis Obispo, Calif., I met CBS ‘live news feed on time with Eric Sevareid and Walter Cronkite. I was doing the night shift at a country music station in Bakersfield when Buck Owens unexpectedly walked in, introduced himself, and handed me a single to put on as he got out of his car for the night. ‘listen on the radio. Buck owned the station and his new TV show Hee Haw was a big hit. He and his band, the Buckaroos had just made the record and he wanted to hear it broadcast before telling the studio to release it. I was on the radio when we first landed on the moon on July 16, 1969. I was able to read the teletype over the airways as we landed. I came home and watched it on my little 12 inch black and white TV.

But most poignant of all, in my travels I have been able to hear and participate in some of the best radio stations ever, community radio, the voice of the people, not dependent on commercial interests. The last honest place where the waves are still free. Right now your local community radio station is under threat and Curry Coast Community Radio may go out of air unless it finds a new tower to broadcast from. KCIW provides a community platform for the free exchange of artistic expressions, information and divergent viewpoints. A one-year memorandum of understanding between KCIW and the Town of Brookings allowed the station to rent space on the town tower for $ 100 per month, previously free, but Brookings Town Council decided not to not renew the deal, it is believed because the board feared they would appear biased in supporting a left-leaning station. Don’t let politics take over your community radio. Without the city tower, they have to raise $ 30,000 to $ 35,000 to erect a new tower and attach their broadcast antenna to it. They are below their target. Let the board know that it matters to you.

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