Louisville welcomes Virginie; 3rd trimester


Louisville (3-2, 1-1) hosts Virginia (3-2, 1-2) at Cardinal Stadium on Saturday afternoon in a CCA cross-divisional competition. Cardinal Authority will update this report with live updates including key games and stats throughout the game.

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Broadcast details

Dated: Saturday October 9
Time: 3:00 p.m. (ET)
To place: Louisville, Ky.
Stadium: Cardinal Stadium (60,800)
TV: ACC Network
TV crew:
Chris Cotter, Mark Herzlich, Jalyn Johnson
Louisville Radio: Louisville Sports Properties
Louisville Radio Team: Paul Rogers, Craig Swabeck, Jody Demling

Favorite: Louisville is currently favored by 2.5 points. The plus / minus is 69.5.

1st trimester

** Kick-off at 3 p.m. Louisville won the toss, postponed to the second half. Virginia will receive to start the match.

** UVA starts at 15. Brennan armstrong sacked by Yasir Abdallah at the opening of the game. Next year, Abdullah with a TFL of 1 yard. Faced with a 3rd & long, Armstrong found a wide open receiver for a gain of 30 yards. Virginia converts another 3rd and long with a 17-yard throw to Wicks. Needless 15-yard roughness against Abdullah moved UVA to UofL 14. Orders are capped with a 14-yard touchdown pass to Billy Kemp. Virginia 7 Louisville 0

** Louisville’s opening practice will begin at 8. Game 1, Malik cunningham shots Tyler harrell who breaks free for a 91-yard touchdown. This is the fifth longest achievement in the history of the program. Louisville 7 Virginia 7

** Virginia drive to start on her own 2. Armstrong connects for a 33-yard pass to get to the clean 42. The Cardinals force a UVA 43 punt.

** UofL to start driving on its own 12. Play a holding penalty first and the cards can not be overcome. Forced to kick the 4th and 1. Mark Vassett kicked in 56 yards.

** Virginia’s practice starts at 35. Armstrong finds Fields for a first pass at UofL 46. Next game, Armstrong to Emory at UofL 20. Yaya Diaby with a TFL of 1 meter. Kei’Trel Clark breaks a pass in the end zone to force a basket. Virginia 10 Louisville 7

** Louisville’s practice will start at 25. Cunningham opens practice with a 22-yard pass to Jordan watkins. Choosing to go for a 4th and a 2 at UVA 46, Cunningham escapes the pocket for a 22-yard run. UofL stalls at UVA 10. James Turner 28 yard field goal. Virginia 10 Louisville 10

** UVA reader starts at clean 25.

2nd trimester

** UVA at 3rd and 1-33. A 51-yard passing play moves UVA inside UofL 10. The drive is stopped at UofL 4. 22-yard field goal. Virginia 13 Louisville 10

** The UofL reader starts at its own 25. Cards with a quick 3 and exit.

** UVA practice begins at its own 34. Practice begins with a 15 yard passing play at its own 49. Jack fagot with the bag to the third down.

** Louisville starts at 25. A mix of runs and short passes moving the UofL to midfield. Josh Johnson fumbles over a reception at UVA 34.

** The Cavs lose a meter in the first training because Tabarius peterson registers a TFL. Officials call pass interference on 3rd down, Scott Satterfield adamant it was a bad decision. Premiere at UVA 46. Nick okeke with a TFL of 2 meters. The AVU chooses to go there on the 4th and 1st at UofL 28 … the call on hold forces a placement attempt on the ground. The 56-yard attempt fails.

** Cards start at 20. Cunningham at Ahmari Huggins-Bruce for 25 meters. Another connection with Huggins-Bruce goes to UVA 27. James Turner misses the field goal for 45 yards as the half expires.


3rd quarter

** Louisville receives. Will start on his own 25. A pass from Malik Cunningham to Justin Marshall goes for 11 yards and near midfield. The next play, Hassan Hall crosses the line for a 52-yard touchdown run. Virginia 13 Louisville 17

** Virginia begins at age 25. After a pair in the first tests, Tre Franklin enters the passing lane for an interception and returns 32 yards to U UVA 25.

** UofL reader reaches 10 where James Turner logs in for a cart. Virginia 13 Louisville 20

** Virginia will start at age 25. Drive is not going anywhere, with Kenderick Duncan and Tabarius Peterson combining for a UVA 7 bag.

** UofL reader starts at UVA 36. Hassan Room starts driving with an 11-yard run. Hall adds a 15-yard run to move UofL to UVA 3. Next game, Jalen mitchell with a three-yard touchdown run. Virginia 13 Louisville 27

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