Neil Young: 100 Greatest Songs of All Time

“I’d rather keep changing and lose a lot of people along the way,” said Neil Young Rolling stone in 1975. “If that’s the price, I’ll pay it. I don’t care if my audience is a hundred million or a hundred million. Over the years, Young has transformed that unabashed sentiment into one of rock’s most enduring creeds, following his wicked muse wherever she takes him. He’s been a folk-rock superstar and synth-rock pioneer, country singer and rockabilly revivalist, left-wing environmental activist and supporter of Reagan, a guy who has been filling arenas since the ’70s even as ‘he drives his fans crazy with his maverick musical detours. But whether he’s the tender soul singing “Heart of Gold” or the slender crusader giving us a concept album on his awesome new electric car in 2009, Neil Young is still Neil Young – same squeaky voice, same fancy lyrics, setting him up. among the greatest songwriters in rock history.

Young appeared with Buffalo Springfield in 1966, shortly before Rolling stone first newspaper kiosks. Since then, he has been a regular on our pages. We’ve covered his music for decades – hundreds and hundreds of songs spanning studio LPs, live albums, bootlegs, and bands that Young only recently started posting on his archive website. Some of them are beloved folk-rock hits; some sound like the work of a cult artist with little interest in hooks or high fidelity; some are really loud. We’ve narrowed that down to his 100 greatest songs and tell the inner stories behind each. Our list draws on all the moments of his career, proving, among other things, that Young is part of an elite group of rockers from the 60s who continued to make great music long past their supposed glory days. .

All these years later, Neil Young has neither burned out nor passed out. Instead, he built one of rock’s great careers by doing what he wanted, when he wanted.

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