New St. Cloud City Hall to open in March

(KNSI) — The public should finally have a chance to stroll through St. Cloud’s new City Hall next month. St. Cloud renovated the old Tech High School as the city’s new administrative center. Mayor Dave Kleis says the open house has already been delayed twice.

“We already had moving dates. So we were talking about January, and then, of course, due to supply chain issues and other technical issues, we moved it to the 28th of that month, February. But this will be the last gesture. I have a lot of hope. I’m at 99%. Sure. We’re only moving it a few weeks.

Photo taken by Jake Judd (KNSI News)

He says the open house will be on Saturday, March 12.

“We’re going to have the opportunity for the community to come out. We’re going to cut the ribbon at 10 a.m. And then I’ll show the building all day. It is open to the public and we will have some refreshments.

Mayor Kleis says the delay was to make sure the building was ready for staff and the public.

“Everything is in place. We just have to make sure everything works with the technology, because of course we move a lot of our staff around, and we put in an elevator and do other things. We want to make sure it’s extremely open and accessible.

The first council meeting in the new hall of the town hall will take place on March 14. The mayor says that starting March 7, expect disruption at city offices as they begin the final move into the renovated building.

St. Cloud moved City Hall to the vacant high school after voters approved construction of a new tech high school that opened in the fall of 2019. The old City Hall site has been purchased by a redevelopment company which plans to level the old building and construct a new commercial building.


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