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AWS launches new advanced statistics for the NHL and the Bundesliga


Joe Lemire

Amazon Web Services helped develop new advanced metrics with two of its league partners this week with the NHL’s launch of its new head-to-head probability stat, as well as new Bundesliga threat intelligence. set piece of a team and the skill of the players in four areas.

The NHL face-off metric is calculated live before each draw. It draws on data from the league’s puck and player tracking system, NHL Advantage, as well as the last decade of historical matchup data. The analysis depends on dozens of inputs, including ice location, player matches, game status, and tracking data.

In previously released batches of Bundesliga Match Facts, AWS helped calculate metrics such as shooting efficiency, success profile, and expected goals. Set Piece Threat determines a team’s chances of scoring from a corner kick or free kick, compared to the league average, and also rates the quality of the chance. The four new skill categories are Finisher, Sprinter, Initiator, and Ball Winner.

During the last years, AWS has landed a series of partnerships with major sports leagues: NFL, Bundesliga, NHL, PGA Tour, NASCAR and Formula 1. He was previously MLB’s Statcast partner before the league moved to Google Cloud. The NBA uses Microsoft Azure.

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