Photographers from NPR member stations share memorable 2021 photos

“Photojournalists capture moments of celebration, persistence and beauty in everyday life,” says Brian Munoz, multimedia reporter at St. Louis Public Radio.

We asked photographers from NPR member stations to contribute memorable images from 2021. They shared stories of grief as well as moments of joy.

Another year when the COVID-19 pandemic raged, vaccines were distributed to Americans young and old. This year, we have witnessed disturbing weather events and natural disasters where communities battled California wildfires against residents assessing the damage after tornadoes hit Missouri.

There were still things that brought joy during this tumultuous year including graduation ceremonies, racing cars and cowboys. Throughout the images, the focus is on what binds the communities together.

“When I create photographs, I spend time trying to understand people’s experiences,” says Dee Dwyer, photographer at WAMU in Washington, DC. “My goal is to show all aspects of human life with the main focus being humanity.”

Here is a selection of memorable stories from this year.

Grace Widyatmadja is a photo editing intern at NPR.

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