Radio traffic sheds light on downtown assault involving two Arizona launchers


TUCSON (KVOA) – Police radio traffic of the alleged assault involving two University of Arizona baseball players was obtained by News 4 Tucson’s Digging Deeper team on Thursday.

The Tucson Police Department confirmed that detectives have presented the case to the Pima County District Attorney’s Office and are continuing to investigate the incident.

TPD confirmed that it all started at The Mark Tucson, an off-campus student housing center located at 55 N. Park Ave. near Broadway Boulevard at 3:20 a.m.

The management company confirms that the incident was captured by security surveillance cameras by the parking lot.

According to sources, Arizona relief pitcher Randy Abshier came to the complex to help a friend who was blowing himself up.

Following the assault, the victim’s friend called 9-1-1.

“The caller’s friend has a gash on his head, they think he was assaulted. The face swells too,” a TPD dispatcher said on the radio recording. “We are giving her instructions to bleed. The drugs are not yet on their way.”

The Digging Deeper team has learned that surveillance footage shows the victim fleeing from three guys.

Officer: If they haven’t, can we just start the meds and make them wait?

Dispatcher: 10-4

Video then shows the victim being punched in the face while on the ground.

It also shows Abshier coming into contact with a second victim, who was knocked out by a co-accused.

“Four men got out of a gray Silverado pickup and we have three people one of whom was the victim and we are once again trying to get more information,” the dispatcher said. “We still have an uncooperative caller.”

Abshier and his fellow relief pitcher Gil Luna were suspended from the baseball team on June 11, nearly two weeks after the incident.

It’s unclear whether the two remained on the squad roster.

Arizona Athletics has said it cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

News 4 Tucson has received confirmation that there were two casualties. Also, the father of one of the baseball players came to this barber shop to ask if he had a security video that could have shown the assault.

The company did not.

News 4 Tucson contacted this father and he did not answer our calls.

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