Ross & Russ end the year early

Melbourne Radio Ratings 2021
GfK Survey 8, Survey period: Sunday September 26 to Saturday December 4

UP: 101.9 FOX +1.1
LOW: 3AW -2.3

3AW 16.6% (18.9%)

Cume: 762,000 (-53,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 20.6% (13.3%)
Best breakfast 28.4% (15.9%)

Although both share and cumulative have declined, 3AW has no trouble losing its leadership status. Fueled by another remarkable breakfast share for Ross and Russ – 22.8% – the station topped Melbourne’s airwaves for another year. The breakfast share has been remarkable since Covid cut a strip until 2020, disrupting publications of the investigation. Indeed, since the restart of GfK after the 2020 shutdowns, the 3AW Breakfast had published 10 consecutive polls above 20% with a high of 28.4% at the end of last year.

Gold 104.3 10.1% (10.9%)

Cume 1,035,000 (+24,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 10.8% (8.7%)
Best breakfast 9.4% (7.2%)

Say that Christian o’connell has enjoyed great success in Melbourne since joining Gold would underestimate his performance. Even the station’s public relations team seems restrained given the scale of the feat:

Station # 1FM for sixteenth consecutive poll for GOLD104.3 with more listeners than any other station in Melbourne, # 1FM breakfast for The Christian O’Connell Show of GOLD104.3, its thirteenth consecutive poll as # 1FM

Of course, the rest of the breakfast crew also share the spotlight, Jack and Pigeon, as well as Gold Advertisers throughout the day, including Hug, Gavin Miller, Toni Tenaglia and Higgo. The highlights of the year for the resort were two polls above 11% while breakfast topped 9% in Poll 6, which Christian O’Connell has done five times since arriving.

smoothfm 91.5 8.0% (7.0%)

Cume 913,000 (+80,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 9.7% (6.5%)
Best breakfast 7.3% (5.0%)

A massive increase in this reading as the station climbs back up to 1 m. All parts of the day headed north, driven by an increase in breakfast from 1.2 to 6.3%. The afternoon and evening shares are now both above 8%. smoothfm does not lead in any time slot, but is # 2 55-65. The station’s share is again close to its best level this year.

New 100 6.2% (6.5%)

Cume 949,000 (+65,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 8.3% (5.3%)
Best breakfast 8.3% (4.6%)

After two drops of semen in recent polls, the way back to 1m looks good. The shares of this survey were stable, with only small be able to avoid a drop in the evenings. Breakfast was down 6.1%, the lowest number this year. Despite a drop in drive to 7.0%, Kate, Tim and Joel remains the # 2 FM choice after Gold’s all-musical offering.

101.1 Fox FM 6.6% (5.5%)

Cume 957,000 (+48,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 8.4% (5.2%)
Best breakfast 8.3% (4.8%)

Fox Breakfast listeners know that Fifi box often has a lot in mind. His summer vacation should now be a little better with the news that ratings have changed after the most difficult year at the station since he arrived. The share of breakfast increased by 1.9 in this survey, pushing Fifi, Fev and Nick at 6.6%. This is still not a good result in terms of Fox’s breakfast history, but it is a big improvement from a result below 5% in Survey 7. Share has increased throughout of the day of this survey with a maximum of 8.1% for Carrie and Tommy. The resort started the year with three resort and breakfast shares of over 7% before things went wrong.

KIIS 101.1 FM 5.6% (4.6%)

Cume 912,000 (+42,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 6.4% (4.4%)
Best breakfast 7.1% (4.4%)

A good result for the team because Jase and Lauren set out to create a legacy at the station. A strong increase in cumulative and share at KIIS and a modest increase in the share of breakfast (+0.3 to 5.0%) are good signs for 2022. The share has increased throughout the day with Will be and Wooded top performers, up 1.6% to 6.8%. KIIS had a difficult year with three resort and breakfast shares below 5.0%.

105.1 Triple M 4.8% (4.0%)

Cume 493,000 (-14,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 6.2% (5.0%)
Best breakfast 6.8% (5.2%)

And we thought KIIS had had a tough year! Perhaps the scariest audience year here since the launch of the FM brand. The resort’s high was 5.3% while breakfast fell from more than 6% to less than 4% in two polls in Poll 7. Cume is also not well placed. Lots of work to do next year.

BEP 2.2% (3.1%)

Cumes 295,000 (-58,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 3.0% (1.6%)
Best breakfast 3.2% (2.0%)

Garry and Tim delivered great content in the second half of the year, but numbers show the final poll was the lowest of the year (2.3%) and the resort’s second smallest breakfast share in five years. Everyone has managed to hammer out this investigation with Dwayne Russell again delivering the best share – 2.7%.

Magic 1278 1.0% (1.5%)

Cume 96,000 (-30,000)
2020 results: best / worst
Top 10+ 1.4% (0.2%)
Best breakfast 0.8% (0.5%)

One of three morning minnows where the share slipped below 100,000 in this survey. The best performing timeslot is the weekend with a share of 1.6%. Breakfast was stable at 0.5% after a high of 0.8% at the start of the year.

3MP 1377 0.9% (1.0%)

Cume 81,000 (-51,000)

A bit of a swing the latest polls. Breakfast fell to 0.4% after a rate of 1.2% in survey 6. Evenings are the best performing with 1.4%,

RSN 927 0.6% (0.6%)

Cume: 74,000 (-31,000)

While the share was stable, Cume managed a pounding. Evenings (1.1%) and weekends (0.9%) are the highlights. Breakfast halved its share, from 1.0% to 0.5%.


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