Russia invades Ukraine, EU approves more sanctions

CNN has geotagged a recent video that appears to show the execution of a Russian prisoner by Ukrainian forces following recent fighting in the kyiv region.

The video – first verified by The New York Times – shows a group of soldiers wearing Ukrainian patches and blue armbands on a road after an exchange of fire. The bodies of at least four men in Russian uniforms lie on the sidewalk. Three of them have head injuries and blood has pooled around the body of a fourth, who has a jacket over his head and looks hoarse.

“He’s still alive,” a man said in Russian. “He gasps.”

A soldier points a rifle and fires two shots at the body, stops, then fires another. The body stops moving.

A person narrating on camera then turns to film a Russian infantry fighting vehicle with a “V” marking similar to that seen on Russian military equipment operated by many units in Ukraine. “A little trophy,” the man said.

Someone off camera says, “Slava Ukrayini!” — Glory to Ukraine, a patriotic greeting, and a bearded man walks into the frame and replies, “Glory to the heroes,” the standard response.

The exact time and date of the video, which appeared on a pro-Russian Telegram channel, is unclear. The location of the video matches that of a video posted on Twitter by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. This video, posted on April 2, shows a cursed Russian armored column. “The work of Ukrainian defenders in the Kyiv region,” reads the caption.

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