Simplify the delivery of civil service loans


The US Department of Education has said it will make it easier to apply for a public service loan pardon after the application process was criticized for being cumbersome.

In a notice published in Federal Register On Thursday, the ministry said it plans to consolidate the two forms required to apply for the Temporary Extended Public Service Loan Rebate Program (TESPLF) into one, essentially no longer forcing people to file a separate rebate request. public service loan (PSLF).

The process was criticized after a report by the Government Accountability Office last September found that only 1% of the 54,000 TESPLF applications had been approved in the year to May 2019. Seventy-one percent of denials were due to the borrower’s failure to submit the PSLF. form.

“This is just another step we are taking as part of our commitment to streamline the program,” a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education said in a statement on Friday.

Representative Bobby Scott, the Democrat from Virginia who chairs the House Education Committee, said the department’s work was not done. “I am relieved that in response to intense public pressure, the department is finally taking a step towards correcting the PSLF application process,” he said in a statement. “However, this change alone does not satisfy the ministry’s responsibility to faithfully enforce the law. Secretary DeVos and the Trump administration must clearly communicate these changes to student borrowers, and then process applications promptly so borrowers can obtain relief. “

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