Suspected boat thief arrested


MARROWSTONE ISLAND – A man was arrested Thursday after he allegedly stole a boat near Marrowstone Island and claimed he had a bomb on board, US Coast Guard Petty Officer Diolanda Caballero said.

The man was arrested and taken into custody by the coast guard, she said.

She didn’t want where he had been taken. No ID for the man was available. It was not announced Thursday whether the boat had contained explosives.

“He threatened public safety” Thursday morning, Caballero said, adding “there were probably explosives on board”.

The stolen vessel was brought ashore in Seattle at around 4:20 p.m. for further investigation.

The Coast Guard gave this account:

An Argosy Cruises employee contacted Coast Guard sector watchers in Puget Sound around 7:50 a.m. Thursday to report that one of the company’s ships, the Beaver, had been stolen.

Puget Sound sector watchmen immediately began to follow the stolen vessel as the operator headed north.

Coast Guard stations in Port Angeles and Seattle launched crews of the 45-foot response boat, and the 87-foot Coast Guard Swordfish and her crew diverted to the scene.

At 9:50 a.m., it was reported that the person on board the stolen vessel had used a VHF-FM radio on channel 16 to relay threats of explosives and hostages.

Seattle Vessel Traffic personnel redirected area vessel traffic.

Coast Guard units arrived at the scene at approximately 9:05 am After speaking to the person and assessing the situation, the RB-M crew from Port Angeles station approached the vessel and placed the aircraft. man in custody.

Local police and Coast Guard investigative staff continue to investigate the incident.

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