The GB news moment in France? Fury on the left as media takeover threatens Macron


“We’ve seen changes happening in the US and England – I’ve seen the stories on GB News (the new TV channel created by Andrew Neil) – with stations that tend to replace news and facts. by something that is primarily opinion, commentary, and ideology. This substitution is what worries us collectively as journalists. “

“The main criticism, as with Fox News, is to distort the truth to adapt it to an alternate reality, or to an ideology, a speech or a political agenda,” he added.

But the channel vehemently denies it.

“CNews has absolutely nothing to do with (Fox News). We are not a campaign channel,” said chief executive Serge Nedjar. Sunday Newspaper newspaper in a rare interview last January.

His success has come from tackling issues that others ignore, he said.

“From the start and without changing, we were the only ones to cover certain sensitive, even explosive, societal subjects, such as security, immigration, the environment and urban violence, issues that our rivals were reluctant to cover,” said he declared.

Right-wing traditionalist politicians and experts argue that it is time for France to give them a voice.

Mr. Zemmour was “a tiny media counter-power in the face of a thick wall of left-wing thoughts and comments in the French media landscape,” wrote Jean Messiha in Current values, a hard right-wing news magazine.

But eight months before the French presidential elections, the controversy has not gone unnoticed in political circles.

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