The study of fats is going in the right direction

Photo: Radio Waatea Image Database.

Moeawa Fransen

Dr Lisa Daniels: fat study points in the right direction

Our children are losing weight – and researchers want to know why.

Lisa Daniels, a researcher at the University of Otago, says a long-running study of obesity in 4-year-olds found recurring weight loss across all ethnicities and economic backgrounds – including a 3% decrease in obesity among Tamariki Māori, compared to 21% to 18 percent.

But 30% of children are still overweight than healthy, which can persist into adulthood with long-term negative effects.

“We really need to address this from an early age so that we can work earlier on prevention strategies to prevent obesity from continuing into adulthood. We don’t fully understand why the declines are happening and that’s going to be really important to help us work on future interventions,”

Dr Danielssays.

She is now studying children under four, as well as the effects of falling breastfeeding rates.

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