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(NEW YORK) – Tom Brady made his fashion foray earlier this year, and now he’s back with a new collection.

The football star, who announced the end of his brief retirement last month, revealed his brand BRADY has launched a Made In America collection with products all made in the USA, as the name suggests.

“Did I do everything myself with the sewing machine in the laundry room? Maybe… who can say? ,” Brady joked in an Instagram post.

He continued: “But seriously…these are premium heavyweight sweatshirts made from the highest quality fleece and jersey materials and these have become my favorite every morning when I’m on the way to the pitch to throw ( or take out Lua or make waffles or any other daddy stuff).

The latest range features a mix of sweatshirts, shorts, tees and more in four colorways and seven styles.

One of the standout pieces in the range is the Zip-Up Fleece Top which features thick fleece as well as an embroidered BRADY logo on the chest. It is available in graphite or ink.

Another choice is the shorts which also include thick fleece texture and logo with the same color options.

All items from the new collection are available exclusively on the company’s website.

Brady’s fashion collection was originally launched in January, and for the first campaign the brand enlisted NCAA players as well as newly drafted athletes for its publicity, all of whom are paid for their names, their image and likeness.

“I was a young athlete at one point,” Brady previously said in a post. “If I had the opportunity, I would have jumped on it too. So it’s good to support these young athletes.

He added: “It’s something that really excites me.”

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