Two Murder Cases Competing For Headlines 27 Years Ago – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM


In June 1994, OJ Simpson was arrested for a double murder after the infamous “White Bronco” lawsuit in California. The Simpson case erupted the same week that a triple murder trial began in La Crosse for James Frydenlund, a Twin Cities man accused of killing his ex-wife, Suzzette, and his parents, Leroy and Celia Weibel. , in Weibel’s caravan east of La Crosse. The murders took place in the fall of 1992. Prosecutors speculated that Frydenlund drove from Minneapolis to La Crosse late at night, committed the murders and returned home for neighbors to see at his home on next morning. A La Crosse television station has interrupted media coverage of Simpson in court to broadcast the jury verdict live in the Frydenlund trial … not guilty. Twin Cities defense attorney Earl Gray cites the Frydenlund trial as one of his court victories. Gray is one of the defense attorneys representing former Minneapolis police officers accused in the death of George Floyd.

The New Orleans Saints were training at UWL for the seventh consecutive year. Later that year, the football team announced that they would maintain summer training camp in La Crosse for another five years… but it turned out that this extension would be the last. The Saints returned to the south for their training after the 1999 season. It was also the fifth year that the WIAA track and field competition had been held at UW-L Stadium… in June 1994, yesterday in La Crosse.

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