Usurers attack woman who lost her job

Recovery tactics? will call your Contacts, shame on you; forfeit the loan if you spend 2 nights with us

Anjali, a resident of Jeevan Bima Nagar, worked as a beautician until she lost her job due to the pandemic. This hard blow to his livelihood was unfortunately only the beginning of his misfortunes. Before the containment was put in place, she had taken out a small loan, which has now turned out to be a albatross on his neck.

Loan collectors started calling her over and over again, overwhelming her with threats and abuse.

They threaten her by saying that they will call all of her contacts and inform them that she has defaulted on the loan. Morning, noon or evening, these agents call him regularly and use offensive language.

And, although she has filed a complaint with the police, no action has yet been taken.

She had contacted the police in Jeevan Bima Nagar, who had forced her to go to the police station several times. They took agent contact numbers and screenshots of messages she had received but did not take her complaint or record a case. On Monday, she sent a complaint to the police and they have yet to register the case.

Fines turn a small loan into a not-so-small one

Anjali the sequence of events told Bangalore Mirror. She said that in March she took out a loan of Rs. 4,000 each from two requests for a medical emergency.

“These requests give us 15 days to repay the loan and since I had lost my job, I was unable to repay it on time. I asked them to give me a little more time, but they started adding the fines for the delay and by the end of April the amount had increased to Rs. 8,000. Without work in hand, I was struggling to repay Rs. 4,000, which I had taken but now I had to pay Rs. 8,000 for each request, ”she said.

This is when the calls began. “One of the agents sent me messages saying if I didn’t pay them back they would call all my contacts and publicly shame me. I didn’t believe them at first, but they started sending me a list of all the names I had saved on my phone. I was shocked to see this. They even sent me screenshots of the contact list on my phone, ”she said.

She managed to get the money and repay part of the loan in between. “Even then the agents would call me and harass me to reimburse the remaining Rs. 3000. They told me that if I agreed to spend two nights with them, they would pay my membership fee. They spoke to me in vulgar language and harassed me day and night, ”she said.

“The calls to the police went unnoticed”

She received no help despite going to the cops as well, she said. “I went to the police station and informed the police. The police took the contact number but the calls were not connected on our end as they are the only ones who can call us from the numbers. Police said they would investigate, but so far have taken no action, ”she said.

A senior officer told BM that they would speak to the complainant and investigate the matter soon.

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