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A flood can occur for a number of reasons. A pipe can burst inside your home, your water heater can rust and leak, you can have a leak from the outside, sewer lines can back up, or torrential downpours can flood your basement. In these situations, your first instinct might be to cry a little inside as you watch your floors fill with water. Take a deep breath and start by realizing that most things can be replaced and repaired, you may have to live with the damage for a little while. Here’s what you can do if your house is flooded.

Identify the source of the flood

For some, it’s easy to watch to see if rain is entering the house. For others, discovering mysterious spongy spots on the carpet can be disconcerting. If there is a foul smell and one of your drain pipes seems to have water around them, the sewer may be backing up. You find that the carpeted areas act like a sponge and drain water away from the source. The more spongy the place, the more likely the source is nearby. Check utility rooms for leaking pipes, broken water heaters, or even toilets for backed up water.

Shut off the water

If the water is coming from pipes or sources inside your home, you will need to shut off the water at the main line to prevent further damage from occurring. While there’s not much you can do about having half your house already wet, including your new furniture, you can keep it from spreading even more. So many people want to start cleaning the water before stopping it from continuing and that causes more problems. You’ll save yourself further frustration by turning off the water. This allows you to take care of broken pipes or other sources of incoming water.

Contact the local utility company

If it appears the source of the flooding is backed up pipes or drains, you’ll want to call the local utility company to check if there was work going on in the area that could have caused a problem. Sometimes when the sewer lines are being worked on or if they are doing repairs on the lines, it can cause problems upstream. They will need to know if their work has caused problems in neighboring houses. Some areas will let the neighborhood know if they’re going to work, but not everyone remembers to flush the toilet or run their sinks.

Contact your insurance company

Hopefully your insurance covers everything that happened in your home. Although many policies do not cover flooding in the sense of water damage caused by outdoor flooding, some will cover water damage from burst pipes or water heaters. It’s important to call to explain what happened so they can send someone to help mitigate the damage as soon as possible, as well as send an adjuster to report the damage and create a list cost details.

Absorb as much water as possible

You will need a Shop Vac or other water vacuum to help absorb as much water as possible. If it’s really bad and there are inches of water to get through, it’s best to call a restoration company who can bring in machines to help get all that water out of your house. These types of businesses can also bring in powerful fans to help dry everything out as quickly as possible. The reason why drying out your home should be priority number 1 is because water can cause tremendous damage to your home. Whether it leads to harmful mold or causes rot and structural damage, you’ll need to dry it out to reduce the chance of either of these happening.

Find a repair company

The best part of the process is when your home is pieced together. Whether you’re just finding someone to install a new water heater and replace a few feet of carpet, or need more extensive repairs, you’ll need to find someone who can work with your insurance company on the fixes. Start your search online to find contractors who can repair everything from floors to walls. You may even need to look for a crew that specializes in installing insulation in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, or wherever you live. You will need local professionals who can get things done quickly and correctly.

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