Worthplaying | ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Adds Contract History Arc Next Week, With Dr. Dre Tracks, New Radio Station, And More

When a young street con artist, a retired bank robber, and a terrifying psychopath find themselves embroiled in some of the scariest and deranged elements in the underworld, the U.S. government, and the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive. in a ruthless city where they can’t trust anyone, let alone each other.

Switch between the interconnected lives of Michael, Trevor and Franklin as they embark on a series of heists across Los Santos and Blaine County in the biggest, deepest, and deepest open world experience. rich to date, with in-game improvements that include new wildlife, improved weather and damage effects, and a host of new details to discover.

Grand Theft Auto V also comes with Grand Theft Auto Online, the dynamic and ever-evolving online universe for up to 30 players, and includes all existing gameplay upgrades and content released since Grand’s launch. Theft Auto Online.

Rise through the ranks to become CEO of your own criminal empire by smuggling or forming a biker club and rule the streets. Land daring co-op heists, take part in adrenaline-fueled stunt races, compete in unique opponent modes, or create your own content to play and share with the wider GTA community.

Ever since he and his accomplices toppled the Union Depository, notorious Los Santos con artist Franklin Clinton has taken his own steps.

Welcome to F. Clinton and Partner, a new “Celebrity Solutions Agency” serving Vinewood’s elite who seek solutions to high society issues.

Franklin needs two things to get the agency off the ground: a reliable partner and a large, prominent client. With your long-time contact with LS – and budding new cannabis entrepreneur – Lamar Davis making the connection, you can be the partner in helping Franklin take the business to the next level.

Meanwhile, across town, DJ Pooh reached out to Franklin about an exciting prospect: his close friend, Dr Dre.

Lost in the fray on his way to Cayo Perico last year, it turns out that Dr. Dre’s phone isn’t just missing, it’s in the wrong hands. Not only that, but the phone also packs the hottest property in town: new, never-before-seen music from Dr Dre himself. This could be the big break your agency needs.

Get ready for a wild and hilarious ride through Los Santos, from the wicked streets of Old Franklin to the hottest parties in town, from debauched mansions to FIB offices and everywhere in between as you join Franklin, the expert hacker Imani, Chop the dog and crew to secure Dr. Dre’s precious tracks and return them to their rightful owner.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more information on The contract, arriving on December 15, 2021 on GTA Online – including details of an eclectic new radio station from some very special guest hosts, huge never-before-seen updates to existing radio stations including a ton of exclusive new tracks and unreleased tracks from Dr. Dre and a range of hard-hitting artists, plus additional opportunities for agency work, including top achievements for gamers ready to get their hands dirty, as well as new weapons, vehicles, and more. even more.

Currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, Grand Theft Auto V arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in March 2022.

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