Yasmeen Manyisha talks about PennDOT’s “Safety Citizens” program

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

“We haven’t been able to walk into schools and interact with communities in the same way that we have for many years…and at a time when social media is used more than ever, it really felt like a great way to interact with a wide variety of people.”

Those are the words of Yasmeen Manyisha, PennDOT’s District 11 Safety Press Secretary, who spoke to Matt Drzik on the Feb. 11 edition of AM Beaver County about the “Safety Citizens” program. PennDOT, which allows members of the Commonwealth to submit images, messages or videos regarding a certain security topic; selected picks will be posted on PennDOT’s social media platforms.

Manyisha spoke about the need for “safety citizens” to be supported through the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic, and how virtual connection has created a new avenue for residents across the state to connect. keep up to date with safety information. “That’s the great thing about this platform,” she said. “You don’t keep this information to yourself…you share it with everyone.”

More details on the “Safety Citizens” program can be found by clicking here.

To listen to Matt and Yasmeen’s full interview, click on the player below.

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